I started this blog to be a place where I combine my love of travel and exploring lesser known locations with my passion for writing in a variety of genres. I am a research and travel junkie, always searching for the hidden gems and lesser known facts that expose the heart and soul of a location or person. 

While traveling I use many different accommodations, from sleeping in a tent or travel trailer, hotels, hostels, secluded dry cabins or sharing a private house, I have experienced them all. I have even slept on the floor in the corner of an airport, on a hillside in a picnic area in Louisiana and in a sleeping bag on a picnic table at a rest area in the middle of “no-where” Wyoming.

I like to save as much money as possible while traveling too so I take advantage of as many travel deals and perks as possible, many of which I share with my readers. The majority of the links you see advertised on my blog are for a product or company I have used personally and recommend.

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You will also see the tab for Space-A travel, that is because my husband is retired military and we are eligible to use this form of travel free, or for a small fee, of charge, some restrictions apply, to travel around the globe. For example, we hopped on a KC-135 Stratotanker out of Lincoln, Nebraska heading to Honolulu, Hawaii in May 2013 because the crew needed flight time. We spent eight hours in wandering around Honolulu visiting historical sites and spent time on the beach in Waikiki. The entire trip took us 22 hours and we spent a total of $30. When it started getting dark we headed to the USO back on Pearl Harbor that was open 24 hours. While waiting for our flight back to Nebraska we were able to take a shower, rest in the lounge and eat. We then slept on the flight home. This kind of a spur of the moment trip may not be for everyone, but it worked for us and we are always up for a unique adventure.


You will also find a tab called “Travel Trailer Life” because now that Tom and I are “empty nesters”. We made the decision in June 2018 to move out of the house we were renting that was entirely to big for us, and cost us way to much money to run, and into a 26′ bumper pull travel trailer. This too gave us already made accommodations when we are traveling around the United States.

Finally, you will also see a “Crime and Mystery” tab where you will find stories about, well, crimes and mysteries. 

So, subscribe to my blog and come along with me on my epic journey through life!