Mary Ann “Polly” Nichols – Ripper Victim Series

Mary Ann, known as Polly, was born on August 26, 1845 to an unnamed mother and William Walker, a locksmith and blacksmith. During her childhood they lived on Dean Street in the Soho district of London. During the 1800’s, Soho district, one square miles in size, was a fashion and entertainment hub that was the most densely populated area of London with more than 320 people … Read more

Murder, Mystery and Mayhem

The Meanest Son of a Bitch that Ever Lived! John Reese Prater (1889-1929) worked as a security guard for the railroad in Morgan County, Kentucky. He was married to Edna Lee Bailey (1890-1964) and had seven children. Tragically his only daughter died of whooping cough at just under two years of age in 1917. He was known to be a hardworking man who took care of … Read more

Thomas DeJong: Abused to Death

Just before 4pm on March 11, 2011, 54 year old Susan DeJong called the Jefferson County Nebraska emergency dispatch to report that her 52 year old husband Thomas was not breathing and was cold to the touch. She stated that Tom had been in South Dakota to be with his “whore” and came home “all beat up”. The operator had Susan begin CPR until emergency units … Read more

Sibling Criminals: Nature vs Nurture

Since the beginning of psychology man has been asking if it’s nature or nurture that determines our human behavior. There are some valid points on both sides of the argument and I as a former psychology student believe that we ARE the product of our environment. My second cousins (their father Edward Cummins is my cousin), Brittany Cummins Pilkington and her brother Stephen Cummins both grew up in the … Read more

Victim or Villain?

“I killed them because I didn’t want them to grow up to abuse women”. I killed them because they received more attention than my daughter”. I killed them to… No matter what confession you believe to be the truth, Brittany Renee Pilkington, 23, a pregnant mother of three, stands accused of murdering her three young sons over the span of 13 months. The first murder, Niall … Read more