Off the Beaten Path – Waterville, Ireland

Waterville, Ireland is a small village with a population of 568 along the Ring of Kerry on the Atlantic Coast of Ireland. The Gaelic name for Waterville is An Coire├ín, meaning “little cauldron” because of the shape of Ballinskelligs Bay on which the town sits. The Butler family, a Noble family, built their estate at the mouth of the River Currane in the late 18th century. … Read more

My Solo European Adventure

At some time in our lives we all have those moments when we swear we are going to travel the world and see the sights. I myself have been making that claim since I was a young girl. I was so convinced that I was going to Italy in 2010 so I got my passport, started learning Italian, booked a few hostels and then plans fell … Read more

Losing Nunney Castle

Nunney Castle, located south of Bath in Nunney, Somerset, England, is a small French style castle surrounded by a deep moat that was built by John Delamare, a knight for King Edward of England in 1373. Nunney Castle is unique compared to other British castles with its strong French influence. The only other one like it can be found in Ireland. Click here to watch my … Read more

Staying in Hostels

A great alternative way to save money when traveling through Europe is to stay in a hostel. Sure we have all seen the “Hostel” horror flicks and heard the stories floating around pop culture but trust me, the many hostels I have stayed at are NOTHING like what you watch in the make believe world of movies. In 2016 when I made my first trip to … Read more

Disappointed at the Tower of London

During our trip around Europe in March 2017 we made one of the same stops that millions of tourists make each year, the Tower of London. Before going I had a plan of the spots I wanted to stand, Ann Boleyn’s execution spot (the Scaffold Site), and the things that I wanted to see, the Bloody Tower and the Ravens. Unfortunately the day we chose to … Read more