Exploring and Geocaching near Fort Polk, Louisiana

In today’s society most people, especially children and young adults, spend their days at home in front of the television playing a video game. They rarely go outside to play anymore. Adults are not much different. Any spare time we have we often spend it with our faces buried in our mobile phones. There are many reasons why we do this, but what if it was because … Read more

Off Season Adventures in Branson, Missouri

I have said this in the past and will continue to say it, “off-season travel is the ABSOLUTE BEST time to travel anywhere!” I have found some phenomenal last minute deals on flights and lodging accommodations, and the smaller crowds and lines at exhibits is literally the icing on the cake. The end of October 2017 I found myself with an unplanned week off work and … Read more

Off the Beaten Path – Waterville, Ireland

Waterville, Ireland is a small village with a population of 568 along the Ring of Kerry on the Atlantic Coast of Ireland. The Gaelic name for Waterville is An Coireán, meaning “little cauldron” because of the shape of Ballinskelligs Bay on which the town sits. The Butler family, a Noble family, built their estate at the mouth of the River Currane in the late 18th century. … Read more

Off the Beaten Path – Marysville, Kansas

Marysville, the county seat of Marshall County, is a beautiful small town near the banks of the Big Blue River in northeastern Kansas. In August of 1972 the City of Marysville passed legislation to protect the black squirrels that live in town and make them the official town mascot. There are several legends floating around about how the black squirrels came to town but the one … Read more

Off the Beaten Path – Lewellen, Nebraska

Traveling along the Yellowstone National Park Highway, HWY 26, in western Nebraska travelers pass through many small plains towns that are very rich in history. Some of which has been instrumental in the formation of the country as well as the state. Unfortunately over the years much of this history has been lost or forgotten. Lewellen, Nebraska from US 26, east side. One of these small … Read more