Well folks, a new chapter, and a new blog topic, in my travel life has begun!

Back in December 2017 Tom and I looked at a travel trailer to buy as we have talked off and off through the years of buying one and living in it full time because we like to travel so much. Two or three times throughout our 33 years together we have owned one and lived in it for a short time, but having four children at the same time proved to be a little difficult, so we sold them off. Now it is just us and the five year old granddaughter we decided to give it another shot. However, December was not a good time to buy the travel trailer financially so we passed on it.

Fast forward to April 2018 the seller of the travel trailer contacted Tom and asked him if he was still interested in it, if so, he would clean it up and we could take it home with a small down payment followed by very affordable monthly payments and no interest. We figured that since this literally fell in our laps twice it must have been a sign, so we jumped on it.

We brought it home and parked it in front of the house where it has sit, untouched since then. But that is about to change! While away on a two week trip in early June that gave us time and prompts to reflect on our future and what makes us happy we decided to make our dream of living in a travel trailer full time a reality! So we came home, told our relatives we were moving and put all of our unnecessary or unimportant belongings up for sale. We will be moving into the camper next week and off on our first adventure in it starting July 7th.

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